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Glenda Wulfsohn (center)

Glenda loves the process and creativity of design.  Whether it is floral arranging, landscape design, cabinetry design, or painting, she enjoys it all.  Several years ago she attended the Chicago School of Flower Design where she learned the art of conditioning and arranging flowers.  Since then she has spent several years becoming an accredited judge of competitive flower shows for The National Garden Club.   She is member of  the Creative Floral Arrangers of the Americas.


Tracey Buchman (right)

Tracey has been arranging flowers since she was a young girl, and has always been fascinated with art, interior design, and floral design. Tracey worked as an assistant floral designer at Branches to Blossoms from 2009 to 2012.  She graduated from the Chicago School of Floral Design in 2012, and founded Twigs and Blooms in the same year with her business partner, Glenda Wulfsohn.  


Julie Engelman (left)

Julie has pretty much landed in her professional sweet spot. After years of creative work in screen media, her love of shape, color and design grew to a whole new level when she began giving tours at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The possibilities of flowers as a medium, and the joy they bring made her just want to be around them...well.....all the time. She's a graduate of the Chicago School of Flower Design, and is delighted to be partnering with Tracey and Glenda. Now, when she's not at the Botanic, she's either in her own home garden, or practicing new designs for Twigs & Blooms. 


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